Vendor Finance

Business integration and globalization offer many companies opportunities to expand into new markets. At the same time, client-focused services are becoming increasingly important as competitive pressures grow. While your technical aspect is important, attractive financial solutions often determine sales performance and gives a convenient, value added service to your customers.

CORPLEASE creates financing and leasing programs for manufacturers, distributors and product resellers specially tailored to help them increase sales and profitability. By providing financing as part of the sale process, your customers are supported with a convenient, value added service and your business gains a competitive edge. Vendor finance programs deliver significant benefits to your customers all while keeping costs within their set budget and taking advantage of tax benefits. CORPLEASE provides a professional level of service, with a well-trained operations and legal review staff, experienced risk management professionals, and skillful customer-service team with an in-depth product expertise and extensive vendor industry knowledge.

  • Increase your market share and competitive advantage.
  • Bring all the fianancial tools to the table to help your sales team.
  • Create increased customer loyalty, defending your customer base against competitors.
  • Structure transactions to meet customer cash flow objectives.
  • Receive your funds within a 4-6 days of customer delivery and acceptance.