IT Operating Lease

An operating lease for IT equipment, namely desktops, notebooks, and printers that allows companies to benefit from the use of the equipment, rather than the ownership. CORPLEASE can purchase the asset and lease the equipment for a certain period, usually up to 3 years . Since Corplease will look to sell the equipment at the end of the tenor with a residual value, companies will not finance the entire equipment cost. This also allows companies to upgrade their equipment continuously without the burden of disposing the asset at the end of its useful lifecycle.


  • Ability to conserve capital for other projects rather than spending on IT equipment.
  • IT operating leasing would not require a large cash outlay to purchase equipment.
  • Operating lease clients enjoy tax advantages.
  • Clients would be able to manage their budgets with predictable cash flows.
  • IT leasing offers hassle free disposal at the end of the leasing tenor.
  • Possibility to renew the lease or acquire new technology near the end of the tenor.
  • Hedge against technology obsolescence with the option to dispose and upgrade easily.

  • Options

    Extend If equipment is still serving its purpose you may extend the lease agreement.
    Retain Own the equipment at the end of the lease term at its FMV (Fair Market Value)
    Refresh Get advantage of the latest technology and start a new lease agreement.
    Return Return the equipment at the end of the lease agreement once it had served its need.