Real Estate and Construction

CORPLEASE can finance the construction phase of your real estate asset. Disbursement of the lease can be structured on tranches to accommodate partial payment to contractors. If you already own your building/ office space, CORPLEASE sale & leaseback financing allows you as an owner to sell the property and immediately lease it back, unlocking capital to be deployed in more productive ways.

Machinery and Industrial Equipment

If you're thinking of an investment in industrial equipment, machinery, or production lines; CORPLEASE can help you acquire your required assets while you preserve the cash and liquidity you need to keep your business running smoothly. We can operate in difficult and unusual markets, creating tailored solutions and structure transactions beyond the capabilities of the usual financial providers.

Office and Technology Equipment

Equipment financing enables you to acquire the technology your business needs without using up your working capital or credit lines. Leasing allows you to replace or upgrade equipment to keep your business continuously competitive. Through our customized solutions you can choose from a mix of products and services to create a finance package that makes sense to you.

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