All in one
One consolidated monthly payment for all vehicle expenditure.
Roadside Assist
Call our team to assist you for whatever you encounter on the road.
Alleviate the administrative burdens of reviewing repairs and costs.
Vehicle Replacement
CORPLEASE provides a replacement vehicle in case of any unforseen event.

Fleet Operations.

A full- service lease which helps you control your fleet operations and costs. CORPLEASE becomes an extension for your team, on call 24/7 allowing you more time to focus on satisfying your customers, and helps you operate the best fleet in the business. CORPLEASE is offering you a comprehensive hassle free solution to your fleet. It is a service tool for corporate customers who want to save both resources and money of controlling their fleet. A solution for fleet management services can be tailored based on the customer's internal fleet management and procurement preferences. The customer will have an expert managing the fleet in accordance with the customer's policies and procedures.

Operating Lease

Operating Lease is a contract that allows the use of an asset, but does not convey rights of ownership of the asset. An operating lease is not capitalized; it is accounted for as a rental expense in what is known as "off balance sheet financing." For the lessor, the asset being leased is accounted for as an asset and is depreciated as such. Operating leases have tax incentives and do not result in assets or liabilities being recorded on the lessee's balance sheet, which can improve the lessee's financial ratios. With an operating lease, you are essentially paying for the usage of the vehicle. At the end of the term the vehicle is simply handed back, avoiding the risks associated with ownership residual value liability.

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